Why Does My Tufting Gun Jam?

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What's Causing My Rug Tufting Gun To Keep Jamming?

Custom hand tufted rugs are an amazing thing to be added to the home décor, giving it a brand-new look.

Many people tuft their rugs for the love of rugs and the beauty it adds to the space.

Commonly they’re much cheaper than buying a brand-new rug from the market.

If you can create your own choice of rugs, imagine the kind of beautiful designs you could bring to life.

Your home will completely new to anyone who visits.

If you are into tufting rugs, you obviously know how important a tufting gun is for the entire process. If you’re just learning about rug tufting, here’s a guide to tuft your first rug!

Suddenly, beeping catches your attention as the rug tufting gun jams.

This is not a fun situation to be in, and it can be stressful to find out why your gun has jammed.

Tufting guns are expensive, so you wouldn’t want anything happening to them.

This article explains all the reasons why your tufting gun jams and what can be done to make it work again.

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Overheating of the tufting gun.

When the rug tufting process beings we all know how long and strenuous it can become.

Of course depending on the number of colors, size, and design that has been chosen.

This yarn is continuously fed through your machine into the monk’s cloth when the rug is being made.

It requires a lot of consistent movement.

The repetition of this movement creates unwanted frictional resistance in your tufting machine.

This friction sometimes can lead to machines becoming overheated.

This then can hurt the motor over time, causing it to jam more and more.

In most cases just be sure there isn’t too much friction between the machine when tufting.

Typically a change in movement is what commonly leads to issues with the machine jamming and causing your gun to stop.

Situations such as overheating can be prevented very easily.

Just pay attention to your machine and keep it sufficiently lubricated.

Motor issues can cause the tufting gun jam.

If the gun suddenly starts beeping while you are tufting, it can indicate that the motor is not powerful enough to run it anymore.

That tells you to stop for a while.

This situation often arises while tufting over lines that have already been tufted or when using yarn that is too inflexible and bulky for the rug tufting process.

If one uses a fabric like linen, this issue can also occur, as such material may be more suitable for tufting.

Linen is a thick fabric for the gun’s scissors to cut through.

The quality of the fabric is also an important factor in this case.

Try spacing out your lines while tufting your rugs to solve this issue.

To prevent jamming, thinner yarns can also be utilized.

Avoid excessive tufting in a single, concentrated area by spreading far and wide.

Improper maintenance of the equipment and the tension could result in a malfunction of the tufting gun, leading to jamming.

Yarn That Was Previously Stuck.

Sometimes, the tufting gun jams while you are tufting because of the previously stuck fabrics from a previous rug tufting session, causing the jam.

To prevent this situation, the yarn should be fed through the designated side of the machine.

Most rug tufting machines come with a yarn hook built in on them that you can move around to make this easier.

Be sure that you don’t put the yarn too close to the motors as loose hanging yarn can get snagged up.

Brushing away any leftover yarn or fibers after every single time you tuft, will dramatically help avoid tufting gun jamming.

Overworking the tufting gun, jams it.

Sometimes, when there are lots of projects, the tufting gun is used a lot, causing it to jam.

When deadlines are tight, tufting guns seems to give much trouble due to it being overworked.

If you do not want your tufting gun to jam, you must be wary of your tufting machine and don’t push its limits.

The biggest cause of gun jamming is overheating, and it is caused by overworking the tufting gun in almost 50% of the cases.

Long hours of tufting can cause the gun to overheat, which is why you should take frequent breaks.

During long projects, give your machine some time to breathe and allow it to cool down.

Taking breaks will also help you relax, this is a fun enjoyable art process, and tufting can be hard on the hard body so it’s okay to take breaks.


A tufting gun needs to be properly cared for and maintained in order to function effectively.

The two most crucial components of gun maintenance are lubrication and getting rid of any extra yarn both during and after tufting.

working with better-quality yarn and maintaining a clean tufting machine.

You can make sure your machine will love you forever by using these guidelines before each use. We hope that these insights will increase your confidence in your tufting abilities and the longevity of your tufting equipment.

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