How To Thread A Tufting Gun?

How To Thread A Tufting Gun Guide For Beginners
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How to thread a tufting gun?

Rug tufting makes a rug by anchoring yarn or fibers to a backing material. Tufting can be performed manually or by machine, and there are many various designs to choose from. 

People then use these rugs to decorate their walls and sitting spaces. These handcrafted rugs give a vibe to the place, making it look elegant and extremely comfortable. 

Since the Covid times, rug tufting has grown so much in the younger generation, who are more than willing to take it up as a hobby. 

While some spend their free hours tufting rugs and thinking of it as therapy, many of us decide to take this art up as a passion and profession and finally earn by selling tufted rugs.

There are resources needed to carry up this passion with a lot of zeal, including a tufting gun and a thread that will tuft the rug piece in hand. 

This article will tell us how exactly to thread a tufting gun.

Step 1: Understanding The Dynamics Your Tufting Gun


Your tufting gun, like your yarn feed system, has an embroidery hoop protruding from the top of the machine. 

This is the juncture where the yarn joins the machine. Before threading the needle, insert the ending of the string from above into this eyelet. 

The yarn will always be out of the machines working components, preventing it from becoming entangledd and jamming the tufting gun, causing unnecessary interruptions.

Depending on the type of tufting gun you’re using and the thickness of your yarn, you might require help threading the needle, such as with a yarn puller.

The thread is aided in getting through the needle with the use of a little device called a yarn puller. If you require a yarn puller, you may get one online or at a craft shop.

Step 3: Pull Your Yarn Through the Embroidery Hoop and Have Your Yarn Puller Ready


Once you have your thread and yarn puller, you can load the needle of your tufting gun. 

Loosen the needle clamp and insert the knotted end of the thread through the eye of the needle. 

If you are using a yarn puller, insert the end of the puller through the eye of the needle first, and then thread the thread through the loop of the puller. 

Tighten the needle clamp to secure the thread in place.

Step 4: Let Your Yarn Puller do All The Work


Now use your yarn puller to pull the yarn through the mouth of the tug tufting gun.

This is where the scissors are that do the tufting process.

Also in most cases people use two strands of yarn to get thicker sized rugs that last longer and look better ultimately.

Step 5: all Done, You're Ready To Tuft Rugs!


Finally, you will want to test the thread to make sure it is properly threaded and tensioned. 

Hold the tufting gun with one hand and pull the thread gently with the other hand.

The thread should move smoothly through the needle without any snags or tension issues. 

If you experience any issues, retrace your steps and check the thread tension and needle alignment while tufting.


Threading a tufting gun is pretty easy! You just need to follow the instructions that come with the gun or this blog article and put the yarn or thread in the right way.

Be careful to do it correctly, so your tufting gun works and continues to work.

Remember, different tufting guns might have different threading steps, so you might want to check the instructions.

In no time you’ll be tufting your first rug!

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