Best Rug Glue To Use For Rug Tufting

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Roberts 3095 Carpet Latex Adhesive: The Go-To Rug Glue

Experience the Ultimate Bonding Solution: Roberts 3095 Carpet Latex Adhesive. Precision at its finest.

#2nd Best Choice

Advanced Adhesive Technologies (AAT-390 G): Incredible Latex Rug Backing Glue

Transform Your Rug-Tufting Projects with AAT-390 Carpet Adhesive. Unmatched Versatility and Strength!

#3rd Best Choice

Elmer’s Glue: Best Glue For Hanging Rug Art

From Crafts to Rugs: Elmer’s Glue Does It All. Discover the Glue’s Exceptional Rug-Tufting Performance!

How To Find The Best Rug Tufting Glue Adhesive for Finishing Tufted Rugs

When we think of a tufted rug, we envision a beautiful, clean-looking design with no overlapping of the different colors used to create the rug. 

These rugs are used to decorate our office spaces and home corners with their beautiful and vibrant colors.

Nowadays, each one of us can easily tuft a rug. Thanks to online resources, one can easily self-learn this skill and start earning money by selling beautifully tufted rugs. 

People always ask is it hard to tuft rugs?” and to that we say, with a little practice you can craft some beautiful rugs too!

To complete your tufted project, you’ll need to add a layer of a rug tufting glue/ carpet adhesive to the back of the rug. 

This is the kind of rug backing adhesive you’ll use to attach the fabric to the back of the tufted rug/tufted project. This will help maintain the fibers in place and protect the product from curling under.

The type of rug glue adhesive you should use is determined by the item you create.

Therefore, when it comes to rugs, this article will tell you which are the best rug glue adhesive to use for tufting rugs.

Roberts 3095 Carpet Latex Adhesive: The Go-To Rug Glue

Roberts 3095 Latex Carpet Adhesive is one of the best rug glues known for its excellent sticking quality and dependability. By far one of the best rug backing adhesives to date perfect for rug tufting.

It is the most adaptable, smoothest, and quickest to apply of any supporting adhesive I have tried for finishing tufted rugs.

It is an outstanding product for finishing tufted rugs or other tufted objects that will be subjected to heavy wear, and it can be used either with or without secondary rug backing. Paired with a rug backing, this carpet glue is not going anywhere and will keep the yarn on your rug tufting project in place.

Although it is recommend as the end dried result can be a little sticky.

It is a popular adhesive used for installing carpets and other floor coverings. It is known for its strong hold and easy application.

Many users have reported that it dries quickly and creates a durable bond that keeps the carpet securely in place. One con to Roberts 3095 is the smell.

It does have a strong odor to it so just be weary.

One of the benefits of using Roberts 3095 Latex Adhesive is that it is easy to clean up, it is water-soluble, and can be removed with soap and water. 

Some users have also praised this carpet glue for being versatile and can be used on many different types of surfaces including concrete, wood and even ceramic tile.

The appropriate glue for rugs may make all the difference when it comes to rug tufting. So finding the best glue for tufting is a crucial step to the process.

One of the best rug tufting glues available is Advanced Adhesive Technologies’ (AAT-390 G) Carpet Adhesive.

This liquid glue is trusted for high-traffic areas or regions that are prone to dampness since it is made specifically to deal with carpet and is incredibly water-resistant.

Additionally, this glue is nonflammable and solvent-free, making it a safer choice for usage in confined places.

You will have a considerable amount of glue to work with in the 1 gallon container.

Additionally, the majority of carpets perfectly complement its black hue.

All in all, this carpet adhesive is a great choice for anyone looking for a water-resistant and reliable option for rug tufting.

All in all, this carpet adhesive is a great choice for anyone looking for a water-resistant and reliable option for rug tufting.

Elmer's Glue: Best Glue For Hanging Rug Art


With strength and versatility combined, Elmer’s glue is the best for tufting. 

Regular school glue is an excellent rug tufting glue choice especially for wall art because it will only be look at or touched occasionally and won’t be stepped on. 

But with rugs, you need a more dependable glue that sticks hard. That’s really where the Rug carpet glue adhesive Roberts 3095 comes into play if you plan to have the rug on the floor.

It is much less expensive and provides all of the structure your rug art requires. 

Remember that this glue tends to dry the rugs very tight, so if you want more fluidity with your wall art, latex is the recommended rug glue type.

Any items made with Elmer’s Glue should have a final rug backing fabricIt is recommended to use a rug backing that pairs better with this rug glue for optimal results.

Conclusion on What The Best Carpet Glue Adhesive Is For Rug Tufting

Tufting rugs have gone viral on the internet in recent years. The pandemic also had a massive effect on this viral internet rage.

When bored at home, artists look for new passions, exercises, and even side hustle possibilities. So naturally, during this time, millions of people who had lost their jobs started to look for new avenues. 

That’s when tufting rugs surfaced on the internet so much that people started to make rugs and sell them for income. 

With the right tools and resources, you can earn an income by tufting rugs. One huge part of rug tufting is choosing the right glue. If you choose the wrong glue your end product may not last as long as you wish.

In our honest opinion Roberts 3095 Latex Adhesive is the best solution for finishing your tufted rugs. 

Our #1 Recommendation: Roberts 3095 Carpet Latex Adhesive

Experience the Ultimate Bonding Solution: Roberts 3095 Carpet Latex Adhesive. Precision at its finest.

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